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A compelling headshot is a must for every professional actor. Strong images help directors imagine actors as characters in their films. Producers, directors, and advertisers respond favorably to high quality headshots. Whether you're a new actor looking for your first pro shots, or an experienced veteran in need of an update or a specific character look, we can help. Click below to see examples, pricing, and details. 

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Need a professional, attractive acting resume to take to your auditions? Not sure how to make one, or what it should look like? Building your professional acting resume is easy. Let us help!


Click below to get in touch, or send an email to jessica@prairiemooncreative.com. If you have a current resume, or a list of your acting credits, attach it to your email. Your completed resume is provided in a document format you can easily update yourself, and a pdf format you can post and send.

$35 / resume

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Actors must create and maintain profiles on online casting sites, including Actors Access, Now Casting, and others. The online profile creation service includes generating your profile, uploading photos and videos, entering your resume credits, creating your custom links, linking your profile to your agent, and more. 


Online profile creation is available for Actors Access, Now Casting, Casting Networks, Agency Pro, Audition Magic, Cast-it, and any other online profile sites. 

$45 per profile/site


Update any previously existing profile site. Replace outdated photos, add resume credits and demo clips, and make your profile current. 

$25 per profile/site


Click below to get in touch, or send an email to jessica@prairiemooncreative.com.  This appointment is to drop off your materials and answer some brief questions. Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a list of the information and materials we will need.