• Hair should be clean, dry, and styled just the way you like it.

• Try to use small, neutral or clear hair bands, clips, and accessories. Avoid bright headbands, bows, or barrettes that steal focus from your face.

• Remember that your eyes are the most important part of your headshot! Don’t let your swoopy bangs ruin it for everyone. Get yourself some hairspray and go to town.


• Make-up should be light and natural. The camera can amplify the effects of your make-up. We want your headshot to look like you!

• Remember to wax or tweeze your brows before your session, but don’t over-do it…enough said.

• Keep eyeliner and mascara low-key. Go without if you can. Lashes with heavy mascara can look very dark and spidery in photos.

• Too much base or heavy powder can look waxy. Remember, we can correct blemishes or skin imperfections in Photoshop!

• Keep your lips fresh and natural with a clear matte gloss or a natural lip color. If you choose lipstick, be sure it is neatly applied.

• Clean teeth are a must. Be sure to brush!

• NO MAKE-UP ON CHILDREN! Curl lashes with a lash curler. Apply Chapstick. Anything else is too much for a headshot.


• Colors work best. Bright primaries, jewel tones, and even warm neutrals look terrific. Try to avoid white. White can wash you out, and it isn't eye-catching against the white background offered on most online submission platforms.

• Choose interesting textures and layers! A billowy scarf, a distressed denim jacket, or a flannel over-shirt can add tons of visual interest and personality.

• Avoid shirts with logos, lettering, or distracting patterns. A subtle print might be alright, but if it steals the spotlight from your face, it isn’t right for a headshot.

• Jewelry adds flash in real life, but it steals focus in a headshot. Keep jewelry SIMPLE. Think stud earrings only. Your eyes will glitter in the right light – we don’t want them to have to compete with your bling.

• Still aren’t sure what to wear? Bring options! We can easily select the best choice together when you arrive.